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  • Field dispatches by Macaranga journalists
  • Online forums (1/month; sample)

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  • 25% discount on ticket to annual physical event
  • Annual digital magazine

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  • Field dispatches by Macaranga journalists
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  • Annual digital magazine
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  • Make our stories free for all
  • Newsletters (1/month; sample)
  • Field dispatches by Macaranga journalists
  • Online forums (1/month; sample)
  • Annual digital magazine
  • Complimentary ticket to annual physical event

Macaranga will publish in-depth stories every month. We will take a one-month-break from publication in every 12-month period.

Newsletters: Editorial commentary on noteworthy news and research on the Malaysian environment and snippets of interesting new research. Delivered in the second full week of every month (except during the publication break). Sample here.

Field dispatches: Snippets of text, notes, and/or photos that reveal how our journalists are investigating their stories. Delivered monthly (except during the publication break).

Online forums: Discussion on the in-depth stories of the month, typically with journalists and experts/practitioners. Hosted via Zoom in the third full week of every month (except during the publication break). Sample here.

Digital annual magazine: A compilation of our stories and achievements for the year. Targeted delivery: early January of the next year.

Physical event: A gathering of Macaranga Supporters and invited environmental experts/practitioners to meet and share thoughts on the key ideas in environmental sustainability going forward.

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Why Support Macaranga

Started in 2019, we are a small, independent media company that aims to fill a huge gap in the Malaysian media landscape. We want to enrich and push the boundaries of environmental journalism in the country. 

Since then, we have been working hard to produce the most insightful, balanced and relevant journalism to address the pressing issues related to the environment, climate crisis and sustainability. We focus on Malaysia because we are Malaysian and the issues here are local but also come from and impact way beyond our borders.

The outfit is wholly owned and run by co-founders Wong Siew Lyn and Law Yao Hua.

Read more.

  • You get specialist writing on environmental issues in Malaysia
  • You get original long-form storytelling with robust data journalism and an interactive experience
  • You feel the weeks of meticulous reporting and careful fact-checking
  • You will hear all sides of the story (if all sides respond to us)
  • All stories are absolutely free – no ads, no paywall (OK, we have one affiliate link)
  • You get some stories in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese (and occasionally other languages)
  • You get to support our training of new environmental journalists and those in other newsrooms
  • You get to support the curating of commentaries by environmental experts
  • We consciously include perspectives from indigenous communities, women, youth, non-urbanites and East Malaysia


  • Malaysian Press Institute-PETRONAS Journalism Award, Gold Prize for Excellence in Environmental Journalism, 2022 and 2021.
  • Malaysian Press Institute-PETRONAS Journalism Award, Silver Prize for Excellence in Investigative Reporting, 2022
  • Malaysian Press Institute-PETRONAS Journalism Award, Bronze Prize for Outstanding Features, 2022
  • Sigma Award, 2023  (coveted global prize in data journalism)
  • Said Zahari Award, 2021


  • Environmental Journalism Network Grant 2022, 2021, 2020
  • Rainforest Investigations Network Fellowship 2022, 2021
  • Rainforest Journalism Fund, 2020

What Readers Say

It really matters for me, especially the current issue related to forestry sector, discovery of new species and any other information about forests; as I'm a degree student major in wildlife and ecology management. This platform has helped a lot in my research for completing final year project too, thanks 🙂
-- Calvin Cheah Yoong Xin, student
It keeps me up to date with environmental issues I am not aware of. The critical and balanced lens is valuable.
-- Sharifah Tahir
Excellent exposes and repository of valuable forest data. Rare green outlet when most Malaysian media neglects the sector.
-- Teckwyn Lim, environmental consultant
Widen knowledge and understanding of different environmental issues in Malaysia. Macaranga can helped untangled information that are hard to obtain, and understand.
-- Serena Adam, environmental NGO officer
It is an important source of clear and independent reporting on environmental issues. It helps to democratise highly complicated issues - by making them easier to think about and understand.
-- Kiu Jia Yaw, lawyer
Independent of government ("status quo maintenance") and NGO ("eye on fashion-based, politically correct funding opportunities") biases
-- John Payne, wildlife researcher
The articles and reports have been insightful and well researched. Truly a work drenched in sincerity and urgency.
-- Amran, industry player
Macaranga has given me a lot of information about the current laws, regulations and situations with regard to forest protection in Malaysia. I've appreciated that they tackle pertinent issues, especially concerning the communities and gaps in governance.
-- Khalis, environmental NGO officer
The articles published help us in keeping up to date with environmental news we don't work on. Also serves as a potential avenue to communicate important messages to the public.
-- Ann Ghani, researcher
It is my one stop centre for locally-written and indepth environmental pieces that are grounded in investigative (read: better-researched) journalism. I especially like the breadth of issues covered, at the same time value the depth I can find for pet subject areas.
-- Cengkih, researcher
It has helped in doing good investigative pieces especially on the deforestation issue in the country. This has helped my organisation in our own advocacy.
-- Meena Raman, environmental NGO officer
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We aim to make revenue from Macaranga Supporters our main source of income. Doing so will best align our financial interests with our loyalty and obligations to our readership. We do not accept advertisements or corporate funding.

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  • Reporting expenses: 6%
  • Magazine and events: 3%
  • Website and digital tools: 2%
  • Legal and accounting: 1%

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