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Dear readers,

Did you know that we posted our first story on 23 July 2019? That means Macaranga turns 4 years old today!

What which had began as a “try and see lah” project had gone on to win multiple international and national awards, stopped illegal land-clearing, and taught thousands of readers about the problems of and (possible) solutions to coral bleaching, river and air pollution, urban planning, and so much more.

We began as a two-person team, and have remained so most of the time. But we want to grow our team and write more stories. Excellent stories. Stories that move and matter.

And we want you, our readers, to join us as we stretch our wings and fly. Sign up to our membership programme to be a Macaranga Supporter today. 

You will be rewarded with exclusive newsletters, webinars, and insights into our work. Tier 4 Supporters can even suggest story ideas for all Supporters to vote on.

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