20 Years of Forestry Data

State gazettes, forestry statistics, and satellite imagery data – all the data we reported for our story on forest management, is public.

Get them here.

(Image: Terengganu state gazette on forest reserve changes.)

The above Google Drive link contains all the data (not the analysis) one would need to fact-check and replicate the graphs in our story.

It includes:

  1. State gazettes since 2001 related to forest reserves excisions and additions
  2. Statistics on forest area, logging, and revenue
  3. Statistics on primary forest loss
  4. Records of certifications in Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme

Feel free to use the materials as you see fit. It is all public data recorded in forestry reports and online repository like Global Forest Watch.

For all state gazettes (not just forestry related ones), check Sinar Project’s database.

If you wish to acknowledge our effort, please credit “Macaranga Media” – thank you!

Questions and comments? Please email us.

Have fun.

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