Chong Ju Lian, pangolin researcher (Photo: SL Wong)

ICCB: All Things Conservation

[UPDATED: 25 August 2019]

HOW TO talk to poachers. Why biodegradable plastic isn’t good enough. When a roadside patch can serve as a natural history classroom.

This was the recent International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) 2019 where Macaranga listened in, asked questions, and took notes. We tweeted and reported on some of the diverse and thought-provoking Malaysia-related topics presented there. (Check out our Twitter feed and follow us!)

Besides an analytical feature on the conference, our reports spotlighted conservationists and new research, showcasing how Malaysia fits into the global conservation landscape. We were also on BFM89.9 radio to discuss the event and its impact on local conservation.

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Held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time from 21–25 July 2019, this major event was organised by the US-based Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), with the Malaysian chapter being the local organising partner.

Malaysians joined conservationists from all over the world to address challenges, share solutions and learn about the latest research in conservation. According to SCB, about 11.4% of registrants were Malaysian.

Among highlights, local environmental hero Kevin Hiew, who helmed the establishment of Malaysia’s marine parks, was presented with an award recognising his “leadership in translating conservation biology principles to resource management and policy”.

OPINION: Talk Less, Listen More

Three Orang Asli conservationists from the Belum-Temenggor forest complex spoke in a symposium on indigenous perspectives on conservation biology and local community development. A Kadazan researcher appeared in a plenary on faith and conservation.

Civil servants partook in panels on saving wildlife and wild places, karst ecosystems, plastic pollution, community-based conservation and STEM in education.

Two Malaysian industry representative shared the stage with star ocean activist Fabien Cousteau, to give their perspectives on solving the plastic pollution crisis. Our plastics coverage was featured in the Star, and one of our photos illustrated their lead story on the congress.

The Macaranga team is reporting on Malaysia-based conservation research, issues and people at ICCB 2019.

Research that was presented covered the gamut from conservation optimism and oil palm issues to primates and peat swamps (see our reports above).

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Main photo: Understanding cultural attitudes towards wildlife helps sharpen conservation efforts targeting different communities, says pangolin researcher Chong Ju Lian. (Credit: SL Wong)