Agamid (Agamidae), Niah National Park (photo: SL Wong)

ICCB: Conservation Conversations

WHAT better maiden coverage can Macaranga offer than that of the International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB)?

Held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time from 21–25 July 2019, this gathering of conservationists from all over the world aims to address challenges and showcase the latest research in conservation.

Organised by the US-based Society for Conservation Biology, the event features a host of fields in conservation science and practice. These range from genetics, ecology and technology to history, conservation marketing and religion.

Conservation stars include Fabien Cousteau, grandson of marine conservation legend Jacques Cousteau, who opens the gathering with a call for corporate leadership in addressing plastic pollution.

Local environmental hero Kevin Hiew, who established Malaysia’s marine parks, will be presented with an award recognising his “leadership in translating conservation biology principles to resource management and policy”.

Plenty of Malaysia-related areas will be featured at ICCB, including wildlife trade, indigenous perspectives on conservation biology, conservation optimism, and STEM in schools.

The Macaranga team will be writing and tweeting daily on the Malaysia-related aspects of the event. We will be looking at the new and upcoming as well as how Malaysia fits into the global conservation landscape.

Post conference, we’ll be producing a feature article of the event and discussing it on radio.

So do keep checking back!

(Photo: An agamid (Agamidae) in Niah National Park – SL Wong)