Infrastructure, Open Mic and Energy Transition

28 Jun 2024: We’ve been busy with various bits of outreach and training. Among engagement with different stakeholders have been inputs into the national planetary health policy, and energy transition. Also:

>> Workshop: Data Journalism 

On June 10, Yao Hua conducted a 3-hour workshop for 20 media students at New Era University College, Kajang. He guided the students to find, analyse, and visualise data on abandoned housing projects.

>> Investigating Infrastructure Projects

On May 9—11, Siew Lyn and Yao Hua joined other trainers in a 3-day workshop on investigative journalism focused on infrastructure. Most of the 20 participants were journalists. Organised by Malaysiakini and funded by the Earth Journalism Network, Siew Lyn will be a mentor for story writing for the next 6 months.

>> Open mic, a first for Yao Hua

To promote Macaranga, Yao Hua took to the stage for a 5-minute open mic session at Pesta Bumi Kita on 28 April. Yao Hua can’t write poetry and his stand-up comedy is what others would call tragedy,  so he just spoke about the fears and joy of being an environment journalist.

>> Workshop: Communicating Climate Stories

Yao Hua conducted a workshop for around 15 journalists on telling climate stories in more effective ways. The workshop on 27 April was the first in a series organised by Klima Action Malaysia. Other speakers included Dr Zeliha Zaiton and Dr Renato Lima.

A month later, Siew Lyn participated in the second workshop on energy policies.

Yao Hua at open mic (Pic: Yap sheau Jia)
Siew Lyn in the infrastructure workshop (Pic: YH Law)

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