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What is Macaranga Sprouts?

In December 2020, Macaranga embarked on our plan to mentor new environmental journalists. This is something both founders are passionate about.

We picked 7 of the many applicants to join our inaugural cohort of Sprouts.

Then in September 2021, we announced a public call for the 2nd cohort of Sprouts. We chose 8 out of the dozens that applied.

Although the Sprouts journalists have full-time jobs or studies, they are keen to learn journalism and are passionate to report on Malaysia’s environment.

Both cohorts first undergo our journalism training workshop. The 2nd workshop ran from 25-26 September and was sponsored by Soroptomist International of Bentong who focuses primarily on environmental and educational projects.

Thereafter, we train and mentor the trainees to become environmental journalists. This includes devising story ideas and angles, reporting, writing, and visualisation.

Each Sprout will produce at least two stories during the programme. They will be paid for every story, thanks to the generous contributors to our campaign in April 2021. (Details below.)

Macaranga Sprouts

Here are Sprouts stories published with your contributions


(1/4/21 8/4/21)

Macaranga Sprouts needs your support!

We want to pay for at least 14 stories by Sprouts journalists

 Fundraising Target of RM5,500
 Funds Raised (as of 19/4/21)
Total number of contributors: 26
Average contribution: RM224.81
Fundraising Ends

16 April 2021 8 April 2021

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We met our target on 7 April 2021, having raised RM5,644.99. We announced the end of our fundraising on 8 April.

Some contribution came after 8 April, bringing the total fund raised to RM5,844.99.

We’d like to thank all the supporters of this programme for your contributions and encouraging messages too.

We are now able to pay for 14 stories by our Sprouts journalists – and more!

The funds will be used entirely to pay the Sprouts journalists for their stories – RM200 for their first feature story (800-1,000 words) and RM500 for subsequent ones.

Your contribution will also cover the journalists’ reporting expenses, e.g., travel for field reporting.

We truly appreciate every sen and your belief that training and mentoring new environmental journalists matters.

Please check in from time to time as we update this page with the stories you paid for.

Thanks again!

(Main Photo: Macaranga shoots, Malaysia  |  pic by SL Wong)


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