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Unlocking Rare Earth Riches in Malaysia

The world wants a lot more rare earths to power its green technology and meet climate goals. This offers lucrative opportunities for Malaysia to tap into its subterranean rare earth deposits of 16.1 billion tonnes. But first, the country wants to develop guidelines for a rare earth mining method said to be safer for the environment. Can Malaysia produce rare earths for the world’s green technology, and keep itself clean too?

(Image: A rare earth mining  facility in Perak; satellite image taken in January 2022. | Image: Google Earth)



珊瑚、红树林和海草共同构成了坚固的天然堡垒,抵御风暴潮和海平面上升等气候变化的影响。 这个生态系统应该共同保护。 本文于 2023 年 6 月首次以英文发表,是我们的 #SeaWorld 系列的一部分。

Les Forteresses Naturelles, la clé pour Affronter les Tempêtes

Les coraux, les mangroves et les herbiers marins forment ensemble un solide rempart naturel pour résister aux impacts du changement climatique tels que les ondes de tempête et l’élévation du niveau de la mer. Cet écosystème doit être protégé ensemble. Cet article a été publié pour la première fois en anglais en juin 2023 et fait partie de notre série #SeaWorld.

Partie 1: Les Forteresses Naturelles, la clé pour Affronter les Tempêtes

Kubu Alam Semula Jadi Kunci Menanangi Perubahan Iklim

Karang, bakau dan rumput laut, bersama-sama, membentuk benteng semula jadi yang kukuh untuk mengharungi impak perubahan iklim seperti pusuan ribut dan kenaikan paras laut. Ekosistem ini sewajarnya dilindungi bersama. Artikel ini pertama sekali diterbitkan dalam bahasa Inggeris pada Jun 2023 dan adalah sebahagian daripada siri #SeaWorld kami.


Macaranga Joins Global Media in Demanding Urgent Climate Action

This is a joint editorial by Macaranga and global media in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) Energy Day.

CLIMATE change is a global problem that requires cooperation between all nations. That’s why today more than 30 newspapers and media organisations in more than 20 countries (see full list below) have taken a common view about what needs to be done.

Time is running out.

(Photo: For Malaysia to wean itself off GHG-emitting coal and other fossil fuels is critical  | Pic by Nicole Fong)

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Where is the Green in GE15?

ON 19 NOVEMBER, Malaysians will vote for our next federal government  and state governments too, for some.

From declaring a climate emergency to stopping deforestation, different groups are demanding that political candidates and parties  include environmental and climate commitments in their GE15 manifestos. Here’s an evolving list of the demands compiled by Macaranga.

To help you evaluate, we also include evaluations by groups and a list of the specifical environmental / climate promises in the manifestos of the main political coalitions in Peninsular Malaysa, Sarawak and Sabah. There are links to some commentary/analysis as well.

You can do more than just read. You can make your demands to the candidates, and you can monitor candidates’ positions on environmental issues.

At the bottom of this page, use the templates of letters to send to candidates. Also check out #UndiIklim, an attempt still underway to rank candidates in terms of climate and environmental issues and policies.

(Feature photo: SL Wong)

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