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Mass Producing to Save Pitcher Plants A Tricky Business

Horticulturists say producing lots of pitcher plants can conserve wild plants. Is it enough though, when ever more new species whet buyers’ appetites?

IN JULY 2023, a Filipino Facebook post appeared advertising the sale of a Malaysian tropical pitcher plant, Nepenthes berbulu. What was on sale were seeds, purportedly harvested on July 15. The thing is, this is a newly discovered species of pitcher plant from Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Mountains.

Its existence was made public a mere 4 months earlier in a scientific publication. The plant’s exact location was not disclosed and specimens were also only supposedly collected for research.

(Feature photo:  Flooding the market with affordable propagated Nepenthes helps reduce pressure on wild plants. | Image: Bryan Yong)


The World of Nepenthes

The World of Nepenthes

Diverse and carnivorous, pitcher plants fascinate for their killing abilities and beauty but they also need better protection.

Writer: Ashley Yeong

Editor: SL Wong

Published: 7 February 2024

PITCHERS are the Nepenthes’ deadly weapons. Hence its common name: the pitcher plant. For this tropical species devours its prey. Leaves shoot from the center of the plant, each with a thin tendril at the tip of the leaf and a pitcher-trap at the end of the tendril. In these pitchers is digestive fluid.

(Feature image: Nepenthes alba is only found in Peninsular Malaysia, especially in high mountain forests such as Gunung Tahan in Pahang. | Photo by Ikhwanuddin Mat Esa)

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Support Community Efforts to Better Manage Urban Green Spaces

Urban communities appreciate green spaces and should be allowed to co-manage these areas for better results, writes interdisciplinary researcher Tapan Kumar Nath.

IN 2022, the Prime Minister of Malaysia outlined directions towards developing and improving the country’s urban green infrastructure, which would turn into therapy spaces in an effort to relieve the stresses of life that directly improve mental and physical well-being of urban people.

To achieve this vision, I urge the authorities to engage community associations actively in the governance structure of urban green spaces (UGS).

(Feature pic: Precious forests stretch across the dense urban clusters of Kota Damansara and Mont Kiara. | Pic from Google Earth Pro, 2023)

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Pengetahuan dan Undang-undang Melindungi Laut Kita

Untuk menguruskan pantai dan lautan kita, kita menggunakan undang-undang untuk mewujudkan kawasan yang dilindungi. Tetapi pengurusannya boleh dipertingkatkan, dan melibatkan komuniti yang mempunyai pengetahuan tradisional dalam pengurusan adalah satu cara untuk melakukannya. Cerita di sini pertama kali diterbitkan dalam bahasa Inggeris pada Oktober 2023 sebagai sebahagian daripada siri #SeaWorld kami.

Kisah Nenek Moyang Boleh Menyelamatkan Perairan Kita

Seribu Satu Cara Menyelamatkan Lautan



La connaissance et les lois sauvent nos mers

Pour gérer nos côtes et nos océans, nous utilisons des lois pour créer des zones protégées. Mais sa gestion peut être améliorée, et l’implication des communautés possédant des connaissances traditionnelles dans la gestion est un moyen d’y parvenir. L’histoire ici a été publiée pour la première fois en anglais en octobre 2023 dans le cadre de notre série #SeaWorld.

Les récits de grands-pères peuvent sauver nos mers

Mille et une façons de protéger l’océan

Please Stop Loving Our Corals to Death

The new airport for Tioman has been averted. Now, tourism needs a good relook, writes Reefcheck Malaysia’s Julian Hyde.

AS SCIENTISTS grow increasingly concerned about biodiversity loss and the accompanying loss of critical ecosystem services, the time has come to revisit tourism policy – and practice – in Malaysia.

This is particularly relevant following the recent decision by the government to abandon plans for a new airport on Tioman. The plan projected a four-fold increase in visitor numbers – from 250,00 per year to a million.

(Feature pic: Seeing fish or people? Tourists galore at a snorkelling site in Tioman |  Pic by Alvin Chelliah/Reefcheck Malaysia)

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