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Unlocking Rare Earth Riches in Malaysia

The world wants a lot more rare earths to power its green technology and meet climate goals. This offers lucrative opportunities for Malaysia to tap into its subterranean rare earth deposits of 16.1 billion tonnes. But first, the country wants to develop guidelines for a rare earth mining method said to be safer for the environment. Can Malaysia produce rare earths for the world’s green technology, and keep itself clean too?

(Image: A rare earth mining  facility in Perak; satellite image taken in January 2022. | Image: Google Earth)





作者:刘耀华  (YH Law)

编辑:黄秀玲 (SL Wong)


与普利策中心 (Pulitzer Center) 的雨林调查网络 (Rainforest Investigations Network) 共同制作。


(为了开辟油棕园,柔佛任罗宏一片森林难逃被砍伐的命运 | 视频由IMR Kreatif所摄)


Tebang, Tarah, Tebas: Perginya Hutan Besar

Tebang, Tarah, Tebas: Perginya Hutan Besar

Bagaimana penyahwartaan terbesar hutan dalam tempoh dua dekad mengubah alam sekitar, ekonomi dan komuniti

Penerbit/Penulis: YH Law

Penterjemah: Adriana Nordin Manan

Penyunting: SL Wong

Diterbitkan dengan kolaborasi Rainforest Investigations Network, Pulitzer Center

Tarikh diterbitkan: 22 April 2022

(Hutan ditebang untuk ladang kelapa sawit di Jemaluang, Johor | Video oleh IMR Kreatif)


Cut, Carved, and Cleared: When Big Forests Go

Cut, Carved, and Cleared: When Big Forests Go

How the largest excision in two decades transformed the landscape, economy, and community

Producer/writer: YH Law; Editor: SL Wong

Produced in collaboration with the Rainforest Investigations Network at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.

Published: 21 September 2021

(Forest cleared for oil palm in Jemaluang, Johor | Video by IMR Kreatif)