Pens on yellow background. (Joanna Koshinska)

Write for Macaranga

We are accepting pitches for Insight articles. We pay RM1,000 for each article, 800-1200 words long. Writers are obliged to contribute to multimedia elements (photos, videos, maps, etc). Reporting expenses are negotiable.

Insight articles are standalone feature stories that explain not just the basic ‘what-when-where-who’, but also the ‘how’ and/or ‘why’ of an event.

Readers would gain insights that help them better understand the fundamental drivers of an environmental issue.

Examples of what works for us:

  1. Building Arks for Corals
  2. Climate Action: Youth-led, Not Youth Only
  3. Must the Pan Borneo Highway Dissect the Tawai Forest?
  4. Deforestation Project in Pahang Exacerbates Orang Asli Land Rights Struggle

A bit about us

We publish in-depth and analytical environmental reporting in Malaysia. We write for the general public, though a good portion of our readership consists of policy-makers, and experts and practitioners in environmental sectors. Visitors from over 60 countries read Macaranga every month, but about 80% of visits come from within Malaysia.

Questions? Please email editorial[at]

(Image by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.)